Steve Batti, President

Graduated with BS degree from Purdue University in 1973 at the age of 21 in Electrical Engineering with further study in Nuclear Engineering. In 1973 following graduation, Steve served as an Electrical Engineer for Miles Laboratories. In 1977 Steve accepted an engineering position at Philips and was on the engineering team that developed the predecessor of CD technology. (Later DVD) By the time Steve was 28, I had been promoted from Assistant engineer to Associate Engineer, to Engineer, to Senior Engineer.

In 1980 he hired on at Arrow electronics as a field applications Engineer. This position required constant technical training and involved working with other design engineers to pass on new technologies and assist Arrow in the design in and sale of their products. Technical communications were critical.

In 1983 Steve started Entra Corporation, a contract manufacturer with design engineering capability located in Indianapolis Indiana. In 1989, a second company based in Oregon was added as a subsidiary.Entra worked with Delco Electronics to develop simulators during the design of the Engine controls and many of the other electronics modules including transmission controls air bag controls and roughly 18 others used in automobiles.

The company was sold in 1994, (both divisions) and in 1996, Steve purchased back the Oregon facility now called CST. Majority interest was sold to an investor in New York, and in 2015, Steve left to start NW Innovative with two partners from CST.

Mary Lou Parker, General Manager

In 1981 Mary Lou began working for Colorado Electro-optics as an assembler of electronic components and in 1983 was promoted to engineering supervisor. In 1985 she moved to Northern California and accepted the position of Operations manager. She was responsible for the production and Engineering Departments for a division of Fuji Optical Corporation. At this time, she also attended Westview College. In 1990 she moved to Hillsboro, Oregon and began employment at CST as Warehouse Supervisor. By 1998, she had worked her way up to General Manager. After working at CST for a total of 24 years, she joined the CEO (Steve Batti).